Indy Knights

Dec 1, 2021

All-Star. The words just sound special. And, in fact, they are. Being an all-star means being the best of the best. It’s a special honor, a moniker earned, one not freely given.

All-Star. - The words just sound special. And, in fact, they are. Being an all-star means being the best of the best. It’s a special honor, a moniker earned, one not freely given.

True to those special words, Adam Murray was selected as one of two Indianapolis Knights to earn a spot on the Kayak Fishing League’s (KFL) 2021 All-Star team. Murray was chosen to join this group of talented professionals based on a string of strong performances. He led the Knights to two consecutive wins late in the season, putting up impressive numbers in the team’s wins against West Virginia and Detroit.

“Being an All-Star my first year was very rewarding,” Murray said. “It was very nice, coming in my first year in the KFL, and as an Indianapolis Knight – to prove to my team and the competition that the no-name underdog came in and snatched a title like All-Star.”

Murray caught 7 of the team's 10 fish against West Virginia, helping the Knights to an impressive victory over the team’s rivals to the East. Adam was also awarded the title of KFL Week 5 MVP for the Northern Conference with his performance against WVAA.

The following game against Detroit saw more of the same from Murray. He caught six of the team’s
10 fish, totaling 66.34 inches.

Murray’s strongest games came on Lake Manitou, the Knights’ home pond in Rochester, Indiana. It’s a lake that suited the likeable Murray well.

“When I initially fished Manitou, I wasn’t quite sure on how to attack it,” he said. “When I approach any body of water, I try to pick key areas that will always seem to play into my strengths. What I found at Manitou was exactly that.

“I found some nice little flats that held thick vegetation, and they held fish. Ripping anything that could get down through it seemed to get bit. The thick vegetation is exactly what I love to attack as an angler.”
Murray’s climb to the top of the KFL was different than most – if not every other – All Star. Columbus, IN. resident began the year as one of the Knights’ two alternates to the original six members of the team.

“It meant a lot coming in as a backup player, to prove myself as one of the biggest key players to a team and its success,”

he said. “It was one thing I wanted to achieve from the start of being named and alternate.”
Murray had confidence in himself from the beginning of the year. He was just hoping to be able to contribute to a deep and talented Knights team.

“I always try to remain humble in my abilities as an angler, but there was a big part of me the team just hadn’t quite seen yet,” he said. “To have the chance to show that to the team, and our competitors, was very rewarding to myself and my angler abilities.”

Indianapolis Knight’s Head Coach & Owner, Sam Jones, had this to say about Adam’s All Star Year, “Going into the season I knew I had some stellar performers on this team, guys I could count on to get the Job done. Having 2 anglers in the All Star team was no surprise. If anything, I was surprised we didn't have more.

With that being said, the way in which Adam made it happen, was surprising and exciting! Adam completely dominated the two home matches he had played and I honestly believe he would have done the same in any other match he would have started. Adam is a true competitor and that's exactly why he is on this team. You can bet you will see more of him in 2022!”

In addition to Murray, Bryan Sparks was the other Indianapolis Knight to be named to KFL’s inaugural All-Star team. Sparks left the team shortly after the regular season, to pursue other opportunities.